Red Hat to bring Linux to Intel Macs

Efforts to boot Windows on Intel-based Macs have so far proven fruitless, but that doesn't mean the new boxes won't be able to run multiple OSes. And if the folks at Red Hat have their way, Linux may be running on your iMac and MacBook Pro long before Vista ever does. The company has announced plans to support the new computers, and will work to develop a boot loader that will work with the Extensible Firmware Interface, which fills in for a BIOS on the Intel Macs. However, Red Hat admits they don't yet have any Intel Macs in house, so it might take them a while to actually get going on this (though we have faith that someone in the open source community is already working on this very issue). Oh, and if you think you can get Windows working on a MacTel box, you may be able to collect a bounty; one enterprising fellow has launched a site where he's soliciting donations for a reward to be paid to the first person to dual boot Windows and OS X on an Intel Mac. So far, he's collected over $5,700.